The 2027 MacBook OLED models will have touchscreen displays

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Recent reports now claim that the 2027 MacBook OLED models will launch with touchscreen displays. A few days ago, netizens learnt that Apple is preparing to launch OLED iPad models next year. A few years after these hit the market, the tech giant will follow up with the addition of touchscreen OLED displays to all the MacBook models they offer.

By 2027 all MacBook models will start using impressive OLED display technology. This means that both the Pro and Air models will join the OLED party, but the Pros might step up the quality of their OLED screens. If all reports on this matter are accurate, then netizens should expect all MacBook models to feature OLED display panels by the year 2027.


New reports also claim that at this time Apple will be bringing touchscreen displays to their OLED MacBook models. This is a welcomed improvement as the company will be dropping the Liquid Retina XDR display. Information on the touchscreen display that might arrive on these MacBooks has already hit the internet.

Details on the touchscreen display that’ll be available on 2027 MacBook OLED models

The news that Apple is preparing to launch the OLED iPads is a bit older than that of the coming touchscreen MacBook displays. However, both work hand in hand and will hit the launch stage around the same time on all iPad and MacBook models. Already the details on the screen and the models they’ll come on are available on the Internet.

According to the reports from Tech Reve the MacBook Pro and Air models will all get touchscreen displays by 2027. There will be two major suppliers for this touchscreen display that will be in use on Apple 2027 MacBook models. One supplier will be Samsung and the other supplier will be LG, these two are constant display suppliers from Apple devices.

The display-integrated touch technology that’ll come from Samsung is the “Y-OCTA.” That to come from LG is the “Touch On Encapsulation (TOE).” There is a chance that the display from Samsung will be in use on the MacBook Air models and that from LG will be on the Pro models.

The reason behind this is that Samsung might not supply the OLED panel for use on the iPad Pro models by 2027. This might also carry along to the MacBook Pro models as well. LG Display might be tasked with the responsibility of supplying the OLED touchscreen panels for the 2027 MacBook Pro models.

Both panels from Samsung and LG will feature new technology that’ll help to keep costs down. In a few years, netizens will see the first MacBooks to launch using OLED touchscreen technology. However, the introduction of OLED screens on Apple larger screen products will start next year with the iPad Pro models.