How to stop getting spam email

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Do you ever dream about Inbox Zero? If you’re unsure what this is, Inbox Zero is basically a methodology of managing your email inbox in such a way that it’s either always completely empty or close to empty. It can be a freeing feeling to have an inbox that has zero emails in it. And by achieving this it can be a whole lot easier to manage the inbox going forward. Because you have less emails to read and can more closely look at every one of them as they come in.

This of course gets a little harder to do if you don’t manage it consistently. And it’s even harder when you get bombarded by spam emails. Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to prevent spam emails these days. But there are ways that you can lessen them and hopefully prevent from getting too many of them in the future. So how do you stop getting spam email?


Well the process isn’t as simple as you may think. It’s not an overly difficult task but it can take some time and a little effort on your part. That being said, the fine folks at Incogni can also help with this process. First though, if you want to know how to stop getting spam email then you need to know how you can end up getting them in the first place. Obviously you aren’t giving your email address out to the individuals who are sending the spam. Or at least that’s likely the case for most people. So what gives?

How you end up with spam email

If you’re getting spam emails then the biggest reason why this is happening is because your personal information is being sold or traded online. Your personal information ends up online through various means and this information can include your email address among other stuff like your actual physical address, full name, work history, phone number and more.

People known as data brokers then gather that information from places like publicly available sources, social media, or through purchasing that information from other websites that you gave it to. It then sells that information to a number of different entities. And this can include organizations that will send you spam emails.

Why are spam emails such a big deal?

Aside from them being incredibly annoying to deal with spam emails are often a hotbed for phishing scams. And phishing scams can lead to more spam emails from other sources, or it can lead to more dangerous situations like identity theft or loss of financials.


Spam emails can also be a source for installing malware. You get a spam email, you open it up, and without thinking you click the embedded link. Not knowing that the link was simply a delivery system for malware. And if that malware was designed to log information you punch into your computer, then there’s a high risk of having your passwords captured along with other identifying details. This leads to any number of scenarios but a common one is losing money from your bank or in some of the more severe cases, identity theft.

So, yes. Sure spam emails are annoying. If by some sheer stroke of luck none of the spam emails you may have are tied to phishing scams or other similar nefarious purposes, then they at best cause you a headache as you deal with their notifications or go through and delete them. But at worst they can do real, long-lasting damage.

How to stop getting spam email

For starters there are some preventative measure you can take on your own. When you get spam emails in your email inbox, there’s a good chance that, depending on the email service you use, those will be recognized as spam and go straight to the spam folder. That doesn’t get them out of your inbox though. And it won’t stop some people from going in there and checking some or all of them.

Mark emails as spam

For the emails that don’t get caught and aren’t marked as spam, there are some things you will want to do. If you’re certain it’s spam then the first thing you should do is mark it as spam. This way the email will learn that emails from that particular sender are spam and will eventually begin sending all future emails from them to the spam folder directly. This cuts out one step that you have to do yourself. From there you can simply delete them. And if you can continue to get spam from those same addresses or ones that are similar, then you can block those senders. Which can also help prevent future spam.


Unsubscribe from mailing lists

You might also want to consider unsubscribing from certain mailing lists. Perhaps you wanted emails from a specific mailing list at one point. But maybe you no longer want them. They might not be spam but them constantly coming in can feel like spam. And the only way to stop these sometimes is to unsubscribe. There’s also the possibility that those mailing lists may no longer be coming from the intended user. Maybe the mailing list is defunct or was purchased for the intention of spamming people subscribed to it.

Remove your information from the internet

Lastly, you should remove your information from the internet and from data broker lists. Remember the data brokers? Those pesky people who scour the internet for people’s personal information and then sell it off for money? You definitely don’t want them having your information. Because it can and often does lead to spam emails. Once again, this is where Incogni can help.

Let Incogni help you remove your information from the internet

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Incogni was started by the people at Surfshark (yep, the VPN company) because they noticed that there was a growing problem with data brokers buying, selling, and trading people’s personal information without express consent.

Incogni is also a subscription service. They deal with data brokers and people search sites on your behalf. And get your personal information taken off the internet. Brokers can reacquire your information later through the same methods as before. But as long as your subscription is active you have nothing to worry about. Because Incogni will periodically check broker sites and people search sites to ensure your information stays off of them.

And for a limited time Incogni is offering 55% off the annual subscription for Black Friday when you use the code “ANDROID” at checkout. If you hate spam and want to stop getting spam email, getting help from Incogni is one way to tackle the problem. Plus, Incogni offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.