Google Messages to offer noise cancellation in voice notes

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A beta version of Google Messages now includes the ability to cancel out background noise in voice notes. And this is not the only feature Google is working on to implement in Google Messages. Other than the quest to make the voice note feature on Messages appealing to you, Google is also working on features like markdown text formatting, color and wallpaper options, profile sharing, and more.

The goal is to stay competitive in the realm of third-party messaging services like WhatsApp with tons of features and customization options.


In the context of voice messaging, Google Messages will soon help you tackle the background noise. As observed by TheSpAndroid, the beta version now includes a “Noise Cancellation” button. Users can tap on this button to minimize background noise during voice recordings. This ensures clearer and more effective communication for Google Messages.

Now you can be confident with your voice notes even in a not-so-quiet place

Impressively, you will be able to this feature at any point during a recording. Although currently this feature is only available in the beta version and requires flag activation, you can expect this noise cancellation feature to see in a wider rollout in near future.

As mentioned above, Google Messages is set to embrace some other useful features, one of which is the markdown text formatting. Markdowns enable users to format text using symbols like asterisks, allowing for richer and more expressive messaging.

While only a limited set of markdowns are currently operational in the beta version of Google Messages, this is expected to expand in the future. Google appears committed to refining the user experience in Messages, with recent additions like color and wallpaper options. These features will provide users with a more personalized touch. Moreover, Google is experimenting with profile options for Messages, offering users the ability to create shareable profiles with personal details.

Additionally, through a discoverability option, users could potentially enhance their visibility on the platform. It’s worth noting that these features are currently in the testing phase, and their integration into the stable version of Messages is yet to be confirmed by Google.

Google Messages Noise Cancellation
Credit: TheSpAndroid