Black Friday comes early for the Apple Watch Series 9 just $329

Featured image for Black Friday comes early for the Apple Watch Series 9 just $329

The new Apple Watch Series 9 which the company just announced back in September is already getting a pretty nice discount. Today, you can pick up either the 41mm or the 45mm model for $70 off of its regular price. That comes out to $329 for the 41mm and $359 for the 45mm model. And that is an all-time low for the Apple Watch Series 9, which was just announced back in September.

The Apple Watch Series 9 may not look like a huge update over the previous few models, but that’s because most of the changes are internally. It’s using the new S9 system-in-package, which is actually bringing on a newer and faster chipset for the first time in about three generations. This allows for some new features like the pinching gesture to do stuff on your watch, hands-free.


Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 9 has all sorts of great health features included. Which is going to help you stay on track of your goals. Apple has also included its Fitness app, which makes it easy to track your workouts, activity, and even your sleep. It can also track swimming, though the Apple Watch Ultra can do it a bit better.

You can pick up the Apple Watch Series 9 from Amazon by clicking the link below.

Apple Watch Series 9 - Amazon