A Gmail Unsubscribe button is coming for Android users soon

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Android users are now noticing a Gmail Unsubscribe button that might be arriving for their usage. This new button will help users to unsubscribe from emails or newsletters that they have no business with. Currently, if Gmail users want to unsubscribe from an email channel, they need to scroll to the bottom of the interface and find the unsubscribe button.

By making the button more obvious and in reach, Google is helping users unclutter their space faster than ever before. Previously, Google brought this unsubscribe option to users who weren’t opening emails for specific senders. Now the tech giant seems to be working on this tool to make it always available for users to access and get rid of bugging emails.


This button is already undergoing development and has been spotted by some who are familiar with this matter. From the available details, it is clear the position where this button will sit and how it’ll function. If you’re tired of getting emails from various businesses because you unknowingly signed up for their newsletter or emails, this feature will be handy for you.

You’ll soon be able to unsubscribe from annoying emails with the coming Gmail Unsubscribe button

You will probably agree that you have a ton of emails in your Gmail inbox that you have no business with. These emails come as a result of signing up to websites in a bid to access the services they offer. After making use of these services, you are often stuck with the annoying emails that they send out to their subscribers.

This is very annoying and most people resort to unsubscribing from these emails when they’ve had enough. However, to unsubscribe from these services one needs to scroll to the bottom of the email page. Here the tiny unsubscribe button sits, and most users might have a hard time locating it.

All of this is coming to an end as Google is now working on a large unsubscribe button. This new button will sit on the top right-hand side of the email interface, just next to the sender’s name. By tapping on this button, users will be able to head over to the sender’s website and unsubscribe from their emails.

At the moment, this feature is in development, with just a few Gmail users having access to it. However, Google is working to make it readily available to more users in the coming weeks. Users will be able to get access to this coming feature via an update to the Gmail app that’ll soon roll out globally.